Ass3 Reflection

Build Planning

I can’t start working without the detailed plan for the design.I have planned my assessment3 I can start organizing each week.This enables a planning schedule of just a weeks rather than the three or four week.I have a high aim in this assessment.When the detailed plans and timetable are completed,I can be made on the basis of items and time of work.But when I start on this work,I realize being ambitious is great but aiming for perfection is unrealistic, impractical.



I started to make my clothes by use 3D maker.Actually many 3D maker are not really suited to absolute beginners.Finally I find a 3D maker name called “Marvelous Designer 6”,it’s pleasant and simple for both beginners and advanced users.At first,I don’t know how to use this 3D application,so I look at the application instructions.Then I find lots of people put lots of short video on internet to teach people how to use this application.Learning how to use this application by watching videos makes it more fun and easier to understand.So when I building my clothes,I always watch video and follow the step.


I have two big problem in this design.First is modify.This constant revision is just part of the process, and it’s essential that I do it.Therefore, the work for the planning and clothes design depend greatly on the repetitive revising and debugging of the clothes which wastes large amount of time.Second is error operation.Damage resulted from faulty operation, negligence use or irresistible factor at many times.During the course of editing, undo, and redo, the clothes model is the only thing that endures.Fortunately, after many failures,I’ll be much faster to redo it if I’m familiar with it.

Ass3 Final product

This week I finished my dress.Last week I want to make a pair of gloves but I give up,because it is too difficult and spend me lots of times on it.So I change my mind ,make sleeves for my dress.Facts proved that I am right,sleeves is much easy than gloves,it can easily to suture and the effect is looks like great.


After finished is part of thing,I move to make a neat row of lace along the edge of my skirt.First draw a rectangle, then copy the other one and sew them up withe the bottom of the skirt.Because rectangular is longer than skirt‘s wide in width,so they will naturally fold when they are sewn together.

a be

I changed the color of the fabric back to white and continue making folding.A important thing need pay attention is fabric must Sew a layer then add other layer, can not sew two layers at the same time, they will be crowded together, and become confused.


Finish picture. Made it this far,the dress is looks likes finished.I just need put some color and pattern on it.


Find the button called”Library”,can see many textile picture in it.But it don’t have too much,so I find some picture on the google and import them in it.I use them to build my dress.


The dress main hue is blue,I add different textile,crate a gored skirt.Adjust the transparency of  lace,make it look like a yarn.


End product:


Export my dress in Second Life, I find the dress don’t have print and can wear on my body.Because something wrong with my dress.So I have to change my dress to suitable for Second Life.In the end I fix the problem and just give my dress some easy color because is chip and change a little bit dress’s look,make it more fashion and suitable for second life,so it is successful to export in.                                                                                                                   2.jpg.png

Ass3 Problem

This week I plan to make a collar and a pair of gloves.

First make a collar.

In order to make the collar, the front part of the garment must be made into two halves.So stitches can always be accurately made when sewing starts. Then move the part of the back with the right half of the front part  together.

Drawing in-volute of circle  mark from point A round CF to point B at site mark,all feature points are alignment.Use line tool to create a new figure .

Adjust the figure‘s look and unfold the figure centered around the center axis to make it look like an U pillow. Finally, need to be adjusted according to the actual situation.

Shown in figure.

Second make a pair of gloves.

Use line drawings tool to make a rough figure,then amplification and adjustment.Copy this part.To sew, fasten two parts together by a thread in binding.


But it failed.I spend 3 hours on this gloves it make me crazy but still failed,so I give up.I will make this gloves next week.I don’t want to see it again in week.

Ass3 Starting build a easy dress

Tool:Marvelous Designer


As the icon to run the interface.The left is the 3D view, and the right is the 2D diagram.According to the 2D picture on the right, the clothes model of 3D will be automatically generated on the left, this is  convenient and suitable for beginners to make clothes.

First make the top half of the clothes.Put the other half clothes on the back.


Then draw the rest of the part.


In the end,17use second button-sewing needle,sew everything together using some thick thread.All lines are visible,can finetune these lines at any time.



Press the first button,after synthesis,a new dress created successfully.


Next week I will  change attractively fine,featured a floral print on the dress.

Ass3 Planning

Content Creation with Complex interactivity

What you are going to do?

All the time haute couture means expensive,high fashion and exquisite.Also it was doomed cannot mass serial produced.   I want to make two sets of haute couture dress,one of them the process is complicated,and the other one the material is particular.


What you will learn by doing it?

  • Learn how can I make fictitious clothes
  • Help me to command technique detail and structure relation for designed clothes.
  • Learn some knowledge about Opensim.

Description of initial ideas?

First of all,I wanted to make a simple clothes and give it to my avatar let she have a new clothes to wear.But then I discovered if I just make a clothes,is it too easy or not? I must find a difficult thing to do.Once  I watched a video clip on line which was about “fashion show”.I found lots of photos about that show. The clothes and jewelry are beautiful,so I decided to do two sets of haute couture clothes to express this love of the fashion.

What resources you are going to need?

Some visual development approaches about the clothes making, relevant techniques and the packing design of up-market course which website can have.Website supply me samples and supporting reference to guide the clothes making.

What skills/knowledge you are going to need

  • 3D technology
  • Opensim
  • Photoshop

A rough timeline for your assignment (5 weeks June 19th)

Week 1: Initial build

Week 2: As the beginning of making clothes, making patterns and seams is mandatory.

Week 3: Make a contour profile of clothes

Week 4:Add some details to my clothes and start making adjustments.

Week 5: Final touches

  • Which platform will you use?

Second Life





Ass2 Participating in a Community

  • The name of the community/group

Dragon Inn

  • A description of the purpose and activities of the group (eg social, entertainment, education, discussion)

In recent years,In second Life Virtual world many types of groups were built.The real purposes are teach others   knowledge and operating skills in Second Life.One of the most famous buildings in this map is Dragon Inn that why the group name called Dragon.“Dragon Inn” is a famous chinese movie in china,the protagonist lives there and experienced many things in there.7a899e510fb30f24245da6c8ca95d143ac4b0331c03c26d12f2eb938c4aa3039d7628535e7dd6f15

Group leader think in the light of Chinese drama or movie, the imagination of architectural configuration design can be expanded, and get the architectural configuration of the Chinese features. Every day many Chinese users make a tour there,it‘s a very beautiful place.Feel the national architectural features.Users can found support from Dragon Inn group,there have specifically group members answer them questions,sometimes enthusiastic tourists can help them, they can also make some Chinese friends there.

  • Descriptions of at least two occasions on which you participated with the group



First, we made some nice classic lights outside the inn, and then wait sky until it is dark.We do a flash mob,a large group of people who gather in a usually predetermined location, perform some brief action, and then quickly disperse.7f230a4c510fd9f9117d8273262dd42a2934a49a

Group members hope they can use 3D modeling,make a wonderful BBQ at Dragon Inn with these charcoals.


Our group will eat fictitious food, enjoy a beautiful full moon and we looking up at the same sky watching fireworks .We find something that we can share that could easily talk something in our environment, like the weather or the huge new billboard or street.It just like a party,but interesting thing is we are in virtual world.


We were do an outdoor concert in the Dragon Inn map and.A large tree stood near the entrance of the sea.The flowers growing on it were red, but our group members at it, busily painting them white and pink.


Guzheng,also called Chinese zitheris one of the oldest Chinese musical plucking instruments.In zither‘s playing, rhyme skills of chanting, kneading, pressing, slidingof the lefthand are where the rhythm of the zither music is, and have the unique aesthetic feature.Unfortunately, although the guzheng sounds good, but cannot restore true guzheng sound, also can not play, but by setting,you can touch the button, than guzheng send out music.


The Dizi ( also called D’Tzu or Zhu Di), is a side blown wind instrument made of bamboo. Two members played a nice tune on the flute.They wear cheongsam,In cheongsam, they seem to be there by crossing time and space.


There is also a drum drum, which is different from the Chinese musical instruments. The drum is a Western musical instrument and often used in bands.


In the end  instrumentalists performed a piece together.I love to play in all types of ensembles.This concert of Chinese and Western instrumental ensemBle shows the natural comBination of graceful Eastern and Western styles.Bring me different feelings.

Ass2 Permissions on objects

  • A description of the different levels of permissions (e.g. Modify/Copy/Transfer/Export)

If modify is enabled,it can allow project members to add or modify content also can          only allow people outside the project to view content without changing it.
If unchecked,is not permitted to modify item,cannot change anything about                          item(name,object scale etc.).

If copy is enabled,item can be copied at will,one item can be copied millions of times         from the original source.
If unchecked,items cannot be directly used as primers or be copied.

If transfer is enabled,item owner can transfer possession of item to somebody.
If transfer it is unchecked,owner can use item, but it cannot be transferred,
sale,give away, release or embed.

If export is enabled,exporting creations can be and only be done using other                       viewers.

Every category has them own set of permissions.Item owner this permission level              contains all permissions.In the group,group owner can create and change permission        levels on the item,if this item is belong to group and assign permissions to group                users and next owner.But the permissions field can never be change.

  • Suggestions of when you might use the different permissions


         I can depend on the specific use of the amendments,I can change permissions allow          everyone read-and-write access.When modifying permissions be careful not to                    create security problems.


I can scroll to the bottom of the edit permission level page, and then copy permission        level.Also can provide folder permissions could not be copied.If I am copying                      something from someone else, make certain that you have permission to do so.


Once a item is handed to someone else, the first holder cannot use it again. If the same      kind of transfer were achieved for other digital items, ownership would be                          meaningful. he transfer of items in the Second Life virtual world can get virtual                  currency, so I think this is a good way to make money for some professionals who are        knowledgeable in the professional modeling.


Now can export custom prototypes that want to share with others.So I can make it        available on other place.


Proper information is considered in determining the level of authority and scope               of responsibility assigned to an individual. I try to make up categories table which             could effectively restrict the power and make the rights assigned justly.