Research Reflections 5


This week I focus on smart chip,I find nine different chips which is popular in wearable technology.


A large on board system (SoC) for high-performance Zigbee applications, launched by industry pioneer TI, which produces the first integrated circuit. It contains a powerful micro controller based ARM Cortex M3 (MCU) system, this system has up to 32K on-chip RAM and 512K on-chip flash memory, which makes it possible to deal with security, including demanding applications and wireless download complex network stack. Very suitable for: Internet of things, intelligent lighting systems, home lan.

CC2538EMK CC2538 Evaluation Module Kit

Main advantage

1、Powerful security accelerators can achieve rapid and efficient authentication               and encryption while CPU handles application tasks.

2、Includes a powerful debugging system and an integrated drive library.

3、Quick wakeup from sleep can be achieved, and energy consumption during                 cycle time tasks is greatly reduced.

Evaluation: the dynamic properties of the Internet of things, home automation, and lighting systems determine the need for high performance and high flexibility to meet the manufacturer’s needs for different memory, security, and standard support. CC2538 is a unique market unique product that not only has high integration, but also supports ZigBee and other IP based standards such as 802.15.4 and 6LoWPAN IPv6.


CContinue to lead by TI, a product that can connect any low-cost, low-power microcontroller (MCU) to the Internet of things (I0T). CC3100 wireless networking solution is the new SimpleLink Wi-Fi series of products, this product can greatly simplify the realization of Internet connectivity. At the same time, all protocols for Wi-Fi and the Internet, which minimize the requirements for host MCU software. Very suitable for: networking, cloud connectivity, intelligent socket.

Main features and advantages:

1、A complete solution of the platform, including a variety of tools and software, sample applications, users and programming guide, reference design and TI E2E to support the community

2、With the built-in security protocol, to provide a robust, durable and simple security experience

3、You can connect to either 8, 16, or 32 bit MCU via the SPI or UART interface

Evaluation: CC3100 has the industry’s lowest power consumption, high flexibility, enabling customers to easily add embedded Wi-Fi and Internet capabilities to a wide range of home, industrial and consumer electronics products.



The absolute Xtrinsic intelligent pressure sensor, developed by Freescale, an embedded processing solution vendor, provides very accurate pressure and altitude data with the ability to adjust the sampling frequency with very low power consumption and is ideal for: wearable Equipment, high precision measurement, inertial navigation.


Key Features and Benefits:

1、With compensation, direct reading (no software required)

2、Intelligent functions, including digital output, two for automatic wake-up interrupt, the minimum / maximum threshold detection and automatic data acquisition

3、 Can be processed in the local sensor data, reducing the communication requirements with the main processor, so that the use of MCU control

Evaluation: The MPL3115A2 has a variety of intelligent functions, eliminating the need for mobile devices, medical and security applications for data processing, which for the ALICE implantable wearable equipment is undoubtedly an urgent need.


A $ 2.4GHz low-power RF transceiver for ZigBee, IEEE 802.15.4, 6LoWPAN, RF4CE and ISM is a true SPI-to-antenna solution from Atmel’s industry leader in microcontrollers / processors. All RF components, except antenna, crystal, and de-even capacitors are integrated in the chip. Receiver sensitivity of -100dBm, programmable output power from -17dBm to +3 dBm, very suitable for: ZigBee solution, RF4CE and ISM applications.

Key Features and Benefits:

1, ultra-low working voltage 1.8V-3.6V (internal regulator)

2, the sleep mode current is 0.4uA, the maximum transmit power when the power consumption of 13.8mA

3, AES 128-bit hardware accelerator, fully integrated, fast to establish PLL support for frequency hopping

Evaluation: The power of the AT86RF232 transceiver is 50% lower than competing products and has all the essential features of the latest wireless applications that support the consumer market segment, including excellent RF performance, lower power, high link budget And antenna diversity.



A dual-channel serial output ADC for smart antenna systems, powered by ADI, a leading provider of data conversion and signal processing technology, is designed to provide solutions for high performance, low cost, small size, multi-functional intelligent communication applications , But also for general software radio, ultrasound equipment.


Key Features and Benefits:

1, the on-chip PLL allows the user to provide a single ADC sample clock, the data rate clock multiplied by the PLL by the ADC sampling clock

2, the exclusive differential input at the highest 250 MHz input frequency still maintain excellent signal to noise ratio (SNR) performance

3, when two ADC share a data link, the data rate can be as high as 3.2 Gbps

Evaluation: This dual-channel ADC core uses a multi-stage, differential pipelined architecture, and integrates the output error correction logic, each ADC has a wide bandwidth, differential sampling to maintain analog input amplifier, supports a variety of user input range.


An application processor powered by Freescale that meets the requirements of advanced performance, data connectivity, and graphical user interface capabilities for next-generation automotive dashboards and navigation systems for graphical rendering of human-machine interfaces, navigation, video processing, and Display, audio playback.


Key Features and Benefits:

1, support dual display and a variety of display technology options, including TFT LCD, LVDS, analog TV format (composite, component, RGB) and standard VGA

2, hardware accelerated graphics post-processing, display quality enhancement, video and graphics portfolio

3, advanced security features support highly reliable boot, encryption engine, random number generator and tamper detection

Evaluation: This processor is ideal for applications that require a high-performance user interface for 2D and 3D graphics cards, one or two high-resolution displays and highly integrated systems, and apply advanced consumer electronics user experience and device connectivity to the future Of the car system.


And a very good device, and CC3100 are SimpleLink family, a Wi-Fi 802.11b / g wireless network processor, this processor simplifies the implementation of Internet connectivity, so become the use of any low cost and low power The ideal solution for embedded applications with MCUs is ideal for: home appliances, home automation, home security.

Key Features and Benefits:

1, with millions of instructions per second (MIPS) and low-cost microcontrollers (MCUs) running with a compact memory package

2, integrated crystal and power management

Evaluation: CC3000 has the best RF performance in its class, can significantly reduce development time, reduce manufacturing costs, save board space, simplify the certification process, and greatly reduce the RF professional knowledge requirements.


A high-performance voice-capture system-on-a-chip, a complete system-on-a-chip (SoC) solution, is available in the industry’s high-performance, ON Semiconductor, which provides advanced dual-microphone noise reduction capture applications in voice. The chip keeps the voice more natural even if the speaker is farther away from or without voice clarity with the microphone, providing unparalleled best degree of freedom for any portable audio application with voice.


Key Features and Benefits:

1, can customize the ability of multiple voice recording mode and adjust the unique needs of the algorithm

2, advanced dual-microphone noise reduction algorithm, the conference mode 360-degree voice collection effect

3, complete system-on-chip (SoC), ultra-low power, ultra-small form factor

Rating: R261 offers a simple choice, in any place to enjoy a clear and comfortable voice communication. This product uses advanced noise reduction technology, so that all kinds of portable consumer electronics manufacturers can significantly improve the voice quality and customer satisfaction.


A Freescale’s first Xtrinsic high-precision 3D magnetic sensor, representing Freescale’s further expansion of the consumer sensor products. The MAG3110 is a small, low-power, digital 3-axis magnetometer with a wide dynamic range that can be run on printed circuit boards (PCBs) with external magnetic fields for 3D motion control and directional, wireless mouse and Fixed-point equipment, navigation and location services.

Key Features and Benefits:

1, configure the GPS device, can achieve the direction of positioning services

2, combined with the acceleration sensor to provide full tilt compensation electronic compass function

3, perfect inertia, pressure and touch sensor rich product portfolio

Evaluation: MAG3110 has high resolution, low noise and ultra-small size and other characteristics, the magnetic field where the magnetometer to measure the magnetic field and the magnetic field generated by the circuit board device, and the total of the two local magnetic field, combined with the 3-axis acceleration sensor When used, you can obtain accurate compass heading information without direction.


Research Reflections 4

Smart jewelry, at present I can defined they are wearable smart jewelry.For me,I think it is different between the traditional jewelry and jewelry industry, wearable smart jewelry is a kind of “core” products, but they must have some new thing.

By looking up materials to find out current market, most of smart jewelry are stainless steel intelligent jewelry and ceramics smart jewelry.A lot of them aren’t really jewelry. They’re mostly accessories, just wear on your fingers or neck.The jewelry which we always called,they usually have precious metal and gem products.At present, smart jewelry’s functions only focus on health, mobile phone reminders, single function, they can replaced by the likes of smartphones, users need more convenient and more simple products.Intelligent is not jewelry’s direction but accessories is, especially in my country, because some limits in China consumption concept, intelligence is bound to enhance the functionality of luxury goods ,have a negative effect for the development of potential consumers of jewelry. Intelligent, is bound to increase some electronic components, women are not sensitive to this, the value of recognition is not high.Therefore,I think smart jewelry should referred to as “Internet jewelry”, through the combination of jewelry and Internet to achieve some functional things.Capture the market by through functions and services,earn other consumer profits from service.

For Internet jewelry, it also faces other problems, compared with the smart watch which price only need few hundred dollars, Internet jewelry tens of thousand dollars price is a disadvantage. For new things, consumers are more willing to pay for the smart watch because them price is relatively cheap. Secondly, under the restriction of the intelligent chip,while Bluetooth can smoothly connected with jewelry,how to ensure the beauty of Internet jewelry design are also big problems that every jewelry manufacturer needs to solve.

At present, there are many technical problems that can not be solved: the battery capacity is small, the chip size is difficult to narrow, it lead to smart jewelry be more bigger, chip technology is not mature. This makes smart jewelry “aborted” in recent years, In a not mature scale in the background, many smart jewelry market have a severe lesson, brought a painful price to the downstream terminal distributors. Internet jewelry is engraved with “bulky”, “technologically immature” impression.

In order to win a broader market, Internet jewelry need pay addition to the development of chip technology and jewelry technology continues to strengthen and also should pay more attention to the jewelry industry and other industries cross-border integration.

Research Reflections 3

In 2013, Oculus Rift launched a developer version, sold it at them official website need $ 300.

Facebook has been repeatedly mentioned since the acquisition of Oculus in early 2014,officially opened the source code and engineering schematics of the Oculus Rift DK1 peripherals at the end of last year. Half a year has passed in 2015, driven by technology sharing and capital inflows, fanatical entrepreneurs and investors have poured hundreds of virtual reality equipment into the market.

In fact, there are three type of VR helmet in market: mobile terminal, external head wear equipment, all in one head display. Mobile terminal is, is the VR box, put the phone into the VR box then you will see film and television. Prices are generally between tens and hundreds. external head wear equipment is also known as PC terminal display, take PC computer to display the content. This type of VR imaging effect is better than other VR helmet at currently. The price is also generally need more than 960 graphics card to have a better experience. The total set of equipment (with PC) total price between thousands to tens of thousands.


mobile terminal

                                                  external head wear equipment
                                                       all in one head display


But the key to solve the virtual reality helmet visual immersion or glasses or even exist in the form of attachment, like Oculus PC, Samsung Gear VR end products such as Glass and SVR mobile phone terminal virtual reality equipment. Virtual reality glasses and helmet in attachment in the final analysis, the production of attachments is because many teams do not have the ability to produce independent virtual reality devices. Virtual reality requires a full set of operating systems with the ability to process content and graphics, a set of specialized UI, and the final optical process.

At present, the mobile phone PC and VR glasses, just to achieve the final link, will be divided into screen overlay, whether it is adjusting the pupil distance or myopia, but also in the continuous optimization of optical design. as “a machine”, which is inaccurate, because it is only an accessory. Even if PC virtual reality come with a screen, it is just a simple rendering and display of the computer screen.

As a result, almost all virtual reality products on the market are just upgraded version of carboard. Although the price is relatively cheap, but also have said, as a virtual reality products use, experience may be slightly inferior: weak mobility of PC , for example, it is difficult for you to play roller coaster on buses and subways, unless you are willing to have that computer to crowded bus subway, you must be between VR and glasses PC online, you can not even wireless, too far away from their PC.

I think the mobile VR device independent (machine) is the future, and this property is mobile with its own, it can do the nearest optimization, front optimization, can delay control within 20ms, rely on their own strength, take us into the virtual reality.


Research Reflections 2

This two weeks I focus on mobile phone, the smart phone is more widely used, and the configuration is more highly, the function of the intelligent system platform is more powerful.

Biggest trends at every year’s Mobile World Congress include quad core processorsbigger screensand in some cases,cheaper smartphone prices.Every year, thousands of telecom and tech CEOs, vendors, suppliers government officials, reporters and gadgets junkies are descending on Mobile World Congress. Mwc released the best mobile phone list allows me to find some representative of the phone, so I can know what phone technology was development in past five years.

2012:Samsung Galaxy S II

In 2011Samsung rolled out Galaxy II and then flooded the market with smartphones. Samsung Galaxy S II is a successful phone which runs on Android 2.3 opening system and combines the functions of a smartphone and a tablet into one. It equipped with Exynos 4210 dual core processor, the overall performance is very good. The front of phone is equipped with a 4.3 inch Super AMOLED PLUS display. The body thickness of phone only 8.49mm, is one of the thinnest mobile phones in the world’s (11 years).


                                 MWC 2012 Best phone:Samsung Galaxy S II

2013:Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S Ⅲ (i9300) is Samsung Electronics launched a high-end smart phone, released in London in May 2012, using Android 4.0 operating system, equipped with Samsung Exynos 4412 quad-core processor, the first version of the CPU clocked at 1.4GHz. Meizu MX2 release, Galaxy S Ⅲ also equipped with 1.6GHz version, body built-in 16GB storage space. The machine design inspiration comes from the natural, fuselage round and smooth, clear lines, the color is pebble blue and marble white two options. Equipped with 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED capacitive screen, a resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels, rear 8 million pixel camera, support for LED flash, front camera was 1.9 million pixels. This phone not only has a strong configuration, its new design of human-computer interaction also makes mobile phone operation more convenient.


MWC 2013 Best phone:Samsung Galaxy S3

        2014: HTC One

The new HTC One is the new generation of flagship smartphones released by HTC on February 19, 2013, the world’s first all-metal smartphone, a well-built all-metal case with clean lines throughout the phone, body thickness of 9.3 mm (The thinnest at only 4mm), while the relative sharp corner also bring HTC One is more capable and simple, very aesthetic. HTC One because of the back of the fuselage with ergonomic design, coupled with the thickness of the body is only 9.3 mm, so holding up is a good fit palms. And the phone before and after the edge of the panel over the slope can make your fingers easily around. Fuselage made of metal in a number of plastic machine feel unique style.

MWC 2014  Best phone: HTC One


2015:iPhone 6/LG G3

Samsung unveiled the Note 4 on September 4, just five days before Apple announced the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.With the introduction of two large-screen phones for the first time, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple managed to neutralize the advantage of Android competitors. The iPhone 6 will include technology that will turn the device into a mobile wallet that could be used to pay for items at retail stores.The apple company did show its new fingerprint authentication technology, which will enable iPhone users to skip a password and identify themselves to their phone simply by pressing the home button.


MWC2015 Best phone: iPhone 6

  May 2014, LG in San Francisco, New York, London and other places simultaneously released 2014 flagship LG G3. LG G3 continuation of the LGG2 design style, the use of ultra-narrow frame design and metal drawing of plastic material, the surface covered with a layer of anti-scratch materials. It is equipped with 5.5-inch 2K resolution (2560×1440 pixels) IPS ultra-high-definition screen, equipped with 2.45GHz frequency of high-pass Xiao Long 801 (MSM8974AC) quad-core processor, according to the storage portfolio is divided into 2GB RAM / 16GB ROM and 3GB RAM / 32GB ROM Two versions, support up to 2TB microSD card expansion, with 13 million pixel rear camera and 2.1 megapixel front camera, with dual LED flash and laser auto focus sensor, support OIS optical image stabilization technology, standard 2940mAh replaceable battery , Support LTE 4G high-speed network, support NFC, infrared and Bluetooth technology and other functions. On the system side, the LG G3 runs the Android 4.4.2 operating system and the new flattened style interface, and incorporates the Knock Code Smart Keyboard feature, the Smart Notice intelligent notification feature and the LG Health Health application.


MWC 2015 Best phone:LG G3

  2016: Samsung  Galaxy S6 Edge

  Galaxy S6 Edge all-metal glass appearance and hyperboloid side screen Galaxy S6 Edge become the absolute protagonist of the conference, is also the first Samsung equipped with double curved side of the smart phone. S6 Edge not only uses the combination of glass and metal technology, but also adds a variety of tones of the back shell, which is compared to the previous Galaxy flagship machine biggest change. Support Gear VR virtual reality glasses, embedded wireless charging function, equipped with a 16 million pixel rear and 500 million pixel front lens, with low light camera function, with fast charging function, charging 10 minutes can use 4 hours, with 32G, 64G, 128G three kinds of memory version, a breakthrough start does not support capacity expansion, does not support the removal of the battery.


                        MWC 2016 Best phone: Samsung  Galaxy S6 Edge


These years, the technology of mobile phone has been developed quickly, and it became a new media to transfer info and came into each side of our society. The development of mobile phone chip technology has also become one of the important symbols of the modern communications industry.Smartphone is limited by the screen size and maximum brightness. It is as not as medical professionals displays, but its portability and mobility is a huge advantage.The latest generation of GPUs in Mobile SoCs are now at or exceeding those of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.With prosperity of mobile Internet, smartphones provide multi-core processors, sharper screens, larger memory, multiple sensors and radios as well as enormous applications.In addition, as smartphone screen sizes increase, some consumers question whether they need both a tablet and a phone.Of course, their small size means that cell phones can’t always replace a full-size computer.In the our country, there have owned now about 220,000,000 mobile phone customer with numerous PDAs, these mobile terminal constituted the enormous and latent market in mobile electronic commerce, and mobile electronic commerce would be from now on the development trend of the electronic commerce.Soon, our mobile devices – from smartphones to wearable – will know so much about us that they will transform into personal mobile concierges and be able to seamlessly transact on our behalf without prompting.

Research Reflections 1

This week I focus on smartwatch.I find six smartwatches which release in 2012—2017.

1.Nike+ Fuelband Sport swatch

Release date: 2012


It not only supports Bluetooth earpiece but also support Bluetooth data transfer.Tracks user movements of the day. At 2013,Nike company upgraded product,a new function – atomatic adjustment of brightness,let user see clearly in low-light conditions.

2.Sony Smartwatch


Release date: 2012

First generation Sony smartwatch is a corollary equipment for Xperia smartphone,this smartwatch have 1.3-inch LED(light-emitting diode)screen and android system was popular among technology media.

3.Pebble Smartwatch

Release date: 2013

To compare other smartwatch, the pebble smart watch lasts up to a week before needing more juice. Pebble is shipping watches with different colors and wristbands.It can also be a remote controller to control smartphone and gopro camera.

4. Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

Release date: 2013

The battery life of the Gear watch should be about the same as your average smartphone.Ditto for the Samsung Gear smartwatch, which is about$ 300 and requires that you own a Samsung phone or tablet.Samsung, whose smartphone sales have suffered this year, is on its sixth-generation smartwatch, but has still not found a real hit.


5. Moto 360 Smartwatch

Release date: 2014

The fat, round face of the Moto 360 felt as weighty as an antique pocket watch, though the oversize color touch-screen face makes for easier reading.


6. Apple Watch

Release date: 2015

Apple made its case for consumers to buy its, positioning the device as a way to handle the brief interactions that fill our days, from meeting reminders to short messages to calling for a car and Apple’s watch will have third-party apps from the start.The Watch comes with 8 gigabytes of storage,but the Apple Watch relies heavily on its so-called digital crown as a way to take pressure off the finger as a primary method of input.



At now the smart watch is no longer a new product category.The market for smartwatches and smart bands is getting increasingly crowded and competitive, even though many consumers are still not convinced that they need yet another connected device in addition to smartphones and tablets.

Smartwatch can be defined as an electronic device you wear on your wrist that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth to deliver notifications and such without having to look at your phone.One challenge is that most smartwatches now have no long-distance communications of their own, serving essentially as accessories for smartphones.With the proliferation of smartwatches, its function, appearance and brand will become an important factor in consumer choice.

Ass3 Reflection

Build Planning

I can’t start working without the detailed plan for the design.I have planned my assessment3 I can start organizing each week.This enables a planning schedule of just a weeks rather than the three or four week.I have a high aim in this assessment.When the detailed plans and timetable are completed,I can be made on the basis of items and time of work.But when I start on this work,I realize being ambitious is great but aiming for perfection is unrealistic, impractical.



I started to make my clothes by use 3D maker.Actually many 3D maker are not really suited to absolute beginners.Finally I find a 3D maker name called “Marvelous Designer 6”,it’s pleasant and simple for both beginners and advanced users.At first,I don’t know how to use this 3D application,so I look at the application instructions.Then I find lots of people put lots of short video on internet to teach people how to use this application.Learning how to use this application by watching videos makes it more fun and easier to understand.So when I building my clothes,I always watch video and follow the step.


I have two big problem in this design.First is modify.This constant revision is just part of the process, and it’s essential that I do it.Therefore, the work for the planning and clothes design depend greatly on the repetitive revising and debugging of the clothes which wastes large amount of time.Second is error operation.Damage resulted from faulty operation, negligence use or irresistible factor at many times.During the course of editing, undo, and redo, the clothes model is the only thing that endures.Fortunately, after many failures,I’ll be much faster to redo it if I’m familiar with it.

Ass3 Final product

This week I finished my dress.Last week I want to make a pair of gloves but I give up,because it is too difficult and spend me lots of times on it.So I change my mind ,make sleeves for my dress.Facts proved that I am right,sleeves is much easy than gloves,it can easily to suture and the effect is looks like great.


After finished is part of thing,I move to make a neat row of lace along the edge of my skirt.First draw a rectangle, then copy the other one and sew them up withe the bottom of the skirt.Because rectangular is longer than skirt‘s wide in width,so they will naturally fold when they are sewn together.

a be

I changed the color of the fabric back to white and continue making folding.A important thing need pay attention is fabric must Sew a layer then add other layer, can not sew two layers at the same time, they will be crowded together, and become confused.


Finish picture. Made it this far,the dress is looks likes finished.I just need put some color and pattern on it.


Find the button called”Library”,can see many textile picture in it.But it don’t have too much,so I find some picture on the google and import them in it.I use them to build my dress.


The dress main hue is blue,I add different textile,crate a gored skirt.Adjust the transparency of  lace,make it look like a yarn.


End product:


Export my dress in Second Life, I find the dress don’t have print and can wear on my body.Because something wrong with my dress.So I have to change my dress to suitable for Second Life.In the end I fix the problem and just give my dress some easy color because is chip and change a little bit dress’s look,make it more fashion and suitable for second life,so it is successful to export in.                                                                                                                   2.jpg.png